Corner Pocket是我很喜歡的一首搖擺爵士樂,旋律輕快並富含大量音樂節奏性的元素在歌曲裡頭,原本以為這首歌只是一首純音樂的歌曲,整理之後才發現原來它還有歌詞版本,歌詞本身也寫得很棒,真的越來越愛這首歌了。

目前在舞會上最常聽到的版本有兩種,第一種是Count Basie的原始版本,另一種是Hot Sugar Band的演奏版本,我個人更喜歡Hot Sugar Band版本一些,因為副歌經過重新編排變得更為豐富,下面會有各音樂版本彙整,可以自己體會每個版本的差異性。

本篇文章將與你分享Corner Pocket的歌曲介紹、歌詞、音樂版本、搖擺舞參考影片,讓我們趕快來看看吧。


Corner Pocket歌曲資料

歌曲名稱:Corner Pocket (aka Until I Met You)
演出樂團:Count Baise
作曲家:Freddie Green
作詞家:Donald E. Wolf

歌曲速度:138 bpm

Corner Pocket歌詞

I used to be so fancy free
But really lonesome as could be
Till one lucky day, you came my way
I never knew what love was all about
I knew it right from the start
I used to think there’d never be
A girl who’d ever care for me
Then, what d’ya know, you made it so
I never knew what love was all about

Once we start, then we’ll never part
In my blue life
No one at all would even care if I cried
(Hurtin’ inside)
In my new life
I’m walkin’ tall, I got a feelin’ of pride
Glowin’ inside
And, lover, you’re the reason why
A lonely girl is ridin’ high
Now, who do you see, lucky as me?
I never knew what love was all about

It’s cherry pink
And apple blossom white
That’s right – pink and white
I be tellin’ y’ right
Who’da’ ever believed a guy that
Hustled pool was such a romantic
He really was frantic
He pursue_________d me
Chalkin’ his cue
Lemme’ tell y’ now, without a doubt
Gettin’ ready for a little romance
The rustic romeo pursued me
Now is his chance
He showed me such emotion that I finally

That’s what t’do if he’s got some eyes – – – – –
Took a notion to give in
F’Hittin on you
An’ when y’ took the notion
Love is a game
Did you imagine his emotion
Everybody plays it the same
Ever was the kind t’ go f’coolin’
It’s a game – y’ play by the rules

Did ‘ja think he might be jivin’ and only foolin’
Tho y’ know the winners are victims
Or did you appraise it as real?
An’ losers are fools

Did you go f’what came?
Now that you’re his
Or was love in the game?
He c’n put his mind t’tending t’ biz
If love is the answer
‘Cause thats how it is –
Then you’ll never, ever be quite the same
When y’ find love, that’s the one thing
I’m sure you know that that’s so
You’ll be sure of –

Well I dropped m’heart now an’ bent it
Said a few sincere words
Never dreamin’ that I meant it

To tell you the truth, I never
Ever really meant to begin it

How can you explain true love?
How can I disdain true love?
Love is real exciting it’s so exciting – That when it
Turned me around I didn’t feel like fighting

It wouldn’t a caught me
Except when I saw you I was surer than sure
This really couldn’t be
But what’y-know
It really was so!
I’m ready f’settlin’ right down
No more runnin’ around

And that’s the truth, really the truth
Really ain’t puttin’ on no act
Really a fact
Really, this ain’t no time f’jivin’
‘Cause what I’m tellin’ y’ really comes
Right from this heart of mine
An’ lemme tell y’ there’s an awful lot o’
Sacrifice t’ lay it on the line

What’s this thing people call love
Something nobody has too much of
This game all misunderstand, but play it

One thing’s sure; Love’s what I’m in
Unloose cupid’s bow, let it begin
That’s it! Let that madness start!
There goes my heart!

It’s got me stumblin’, it’s got me mumblin’
I’m like a ship without a rudder
A car without wheels
Unless y’ feel it, I can’t reveal it
Y’ gotta have it happen to y’
T’ know how it feels

One thing’s sure; Love has got me
I’m as certain as certain can be
I’m yours till eternity

From the day that we met
When you showed on the set
I remember it yet
I was knocked out

I took one look at you
And what else could I do
Love walked in and I knew
There was no doubt
No, no doubt

I love you, yes, I sure do, yes, I love you
Yes, you know it
I know that you knew from the start

Now we two become one
And we’ll make it together

I never really knew what love was all about

I never really knew what love was all about

Good – – – Shot!

Corner Pocket音樂版本彙整

  1. Count Basie是最原始的版本,但該樂團還是有與其它樂手合作因此有不少版本。
  2. 與Duke Ellington合作的版本,聽起來真的不是很和諧,也許當初製作就是故意這樣安排。
  3. The Manhattan Transfer就是有加Vocal的版本,歌唱版本一般稱歌名為Until I Met You
  4. Cal State LA Jazz Orchestra是Corner Pocket目前聽到歌曲速度最慢的版本。
  5. Youtube搜尋Corner Pocket有很多樂團翻奏的版本,有興趣可以自己去聽看看差異。
  6. 最後請多多支持Hot Sugar Band版本。

Corner Pocket搖擺舞參考影片

SAD 2016 – William & Maéva with the Hot Sugar Band

William & Maéva表演的版本是我目前看到最好的搖擺舞版本,每個音樂性和節奏都玩得恰到好處,相信會是很好的研究和創新參考影片。

The Swing Godfathers: Vincenzo Fesi & Pamela Gaizutyte with The Hot Sugar Band

SwingAout 2015 – Thomas Blacharz & Maeva Truntzer

Pamela Gaizutyle and Juan Villafane lindy hop performance in Swingtiago


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